The strong silent type

This week’s roof DCT-R08-1 is as robust and reliable as they come. With an 18dB impact noise reduction, the ProctorGeo HC9 spacer mat doesn’t need to make a big song and dance about rain noise. The DCT PIR Silver rigid air and thermal control layer, as thick as you can afford, does its work from below, while the self-adhered vapour permeable ProctorPassive Wraptite SA is going nowhere and keeps the substrate nice and dry from above and below.

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A “cold roof” design continuously ventilated from ridge to eaves below the roof sheathing board with a rigid thermoset DCT PIR insulation board forming a continuous air and vapour control layer at the ceiling with further ceiling insulation added between the rafters. The ProctorGeo HC9 drainage mat installed directly below the standing seam roofing, and above the self-adhered vapour permeable Wraptite SA sarking, provides for drainage and acoustic attenuation of rain noise.

To find out more about the strong silent type, visit the DCTechnical Library

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