The Extrovert

This week’s wall DCT-W07-4 is certainly not afraid to put it all out there, wearing the DCT non-combustible Vulcanwool insulation on the outside exposing itself to a vented rainscreen cavity. The class 4 vapour permeable, self adhered weather resistant barrier, ProctorPassive Wraptite SA adds more than just bright splash of colour keeping things all good and tight.

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Masonry wall made water and airtight by the self-adhered vapour permeable ProctorPassive Wraptite SA, externally insulated with a non-combustible Vulcanwool mineral fibre insulation, protected by a rainscreen cladding supported by the Nvelope engineered helping hand sub-framing system. The insulation is mechanically fixed to the masonry structure with minimal thermal bridging, to form a continuous external insulation layer. As the Vulcanwool insulation is deemed non-combustible, this solution is recommended for type A or B non-combustible wall construction.

To find out more about the extrovert, visit the DCTechnical Library

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