The Bridge Builder

There is no bridge too far for this week’s wall DCT-W21-1.  When it comes to NCC 2019 Section J requirements for an insulated steel or timber frame, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come it,“  no longer applies.

When building a type A or type B non-combustible wall construction, your thermal break also needs to be non-combustible so look no further to bridge that performance gap than the DCT VulcanWool Thermal Break Strip

“Take a break” and check out our DCT Speckel R-value calculator, select our non-combustible thermal break strip, and be amazed at the impact it makes.

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A lightweight clad steel frame wall insulated by non-combustible DCT Vulcanwool and a continuous Vulcanwool high compressive strength thermal break strip fixed between the cladding and the frame to form a drained and vented cavity. The frame and insulation are protected by a vapour permeable, air and water tight ProctorPassive sarking membrane. The SmartVap intelligent air barrier membrane installed to the inside face of the frame is sealed to form a continuous air and vapour control layer. As the VulcanWool insulation and thermal break strip are both deemed non-combustible, this solution is suitable for deemed to satisfy type A or B non-combustible wall construction.

To find out more about the bridge builder, visit the DCTechnical Library

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