Air tightness without compromising vapour permeance

Independent testing body confirms exceptional ProctorPassive Wraptite airtightness performance.

ProctorPassive Wraptite has been supplied in Australia since 2012 and is still the only AS4200.1:2017 tested self adhered class 4 vapour permeable pliable membrane on the market.

ProctorPassive Wraptite, has successfully undergone independent testing to confirm its performance compliance with the requirements of the current standards on airtightness as outlined by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT).

Testing was carried out by Wintech Testing & Certification, an independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory and certification body. The test methods were based on the CWCT Standard Test methods for Building Envelopes – December 2005, section 5 for air leakage (infiltration & exfiltration).

The self-adhesive Wraptite membrane was applied to a backing wall consisting of a 9mm fibre-cement sheathing board fixed to a steel framing system. Two types of window interface details were created: Window 1 was detailed by fixing the window first, then EPDM detailed around the window and the Wraptite dressed up and over the EPDM. Window 2 was detailed first by installing Wraptite corners to the board/frame, then dressing the Wraptite membrane into the aperture prior to installing the window and sealing with EPDM over the Wraptite membrane.

Tests were carried out for both Air Leakage (Infiltration) and Air Leakage (Exfiltration). In all cases, the product passed the tests and achieved results which were significantly below the permissible values for air leakage as outlined in the CWCT standard. See Graph 1 – Air Permeability – Area.

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