Working safely at heights: SOLVED

The industry-leading horizontal lifeline system from SFS allows users to safely work at height without restrictions to their movement

The SOTER® II high load fall arrest post is an Australian/New Zealand compliant (AS/NZS1891.2:2001) product that’s design revolves around the unique technological advances found in Fall Protection enabling the user(s) to stay roof safe. The centre of each module contains an energy-absorbing element that deploys perpendicular to the base in order to minimise the pressure placed on the roof while ensuring user(s) safety.

The fall arrest post has been designed as a removable component from the base plate, both having sealing barriers, rendering both the post and base plate waterproof, so if the post is activated the base will not leak.

In the event of a fall, the forces involved will cause the deformable member, designed to resist static loading, to release the absorbing element reducing the forces back to the roof and critically saving the user(s). Under static loading conditions the deformable member will start to release the energy-absorbing element at around 4kN. Dynamically, the peak force back to the post is below 6kN. During the arrest of a falling mass the energy-absorbing element within the post orientates in the same plane as the base plate.

Watch the YouTube series on SOTER II below:

SFS Group Fixing Soter™ II to Flat Roof Concrete Deck

SFS Group Fixing Soter™ II to Metal Deck

SFS Group Fixing Soter™ II to Flat Roof Metal Deck

SFS Group Fixing Soter™ II to Flat Roof Timber Deck

SFS Group Fixing Soter™ II to Standing Seam

SFS Group Fixing Soter™ II to Composite Panel and Combined Line Tensioner

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