The First Certified Passive House in Sydney

Thornleigh Passive House

Sydney’s first certified Passive House is finally here! Located in Thornleigh amongst busy main roads and a the local train line, the existing cottage has been replaced by an energy efficient, two-storey family home.

Location: Thornleigh, NSW

Architect: Envirotecture

Builder: Red Cedar Constructions

Photography: M.Kosnik and Brandee Meier Photography

DCTech Products Used: ProctorPassive Wraptite SA, DCT PIR Silver, ProctorPassive AB Tape and ProctorPassive Wraptite Tape

The Thornleigh Passive House uses ProctorPassive Wraptite SA for exceptional air tightness without compromising vapour permeance. The airtight construction allows for the operation of effective ventilation, not only providing great indoor air quality, but also shielding it’s home owners from the noise pollution generated from the nearby train line and busy local roads. This Passive House delivers on this mission, offering comfort and style without any concerns about future energy consumption.

The project demonstrated that meeting passive house certification can be achieved by locating the air barrier external to the frame, avoiding the need for a more conventional, but difficult to install internal air barrier smart membrane. ProctorPassive Wraptite SA is a Passive House Institute certified component and utilizes a patented full coverage air permeable adhesive to provide unsurpassed vapour permeability in a commercial quality, self-adhered, water resistant vapour permeable membrane. To find out more about this product, click here or download the brochure.

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