The ContrarianDCT-W11-4  LIGHTWEIGHT CLAD EXTERNALLY INSULATED TIMBER FRAME WALL WITH SHEATHING BOARD (VULCANWOOL)This week’s wall DCT-W11-4 is one for those who think outside the box. If  you would prefer not to spend days and dollars stapling, patching, taping, detailing, resealing and searching for leaks in your internal air tight membrane then did you know there was another option? Wrap up the building with a fully self-adhered ProctorPassive Wraptite SA continuous airtight and watertight class 4
The Old Kid on the BlockThe Proctorpassive Wraptite SA has been around in Australia for almost a decade, and still nothing comes close.ProctorPassive Wraptite has been supplied in Australia since 2012 and combines the best properties of a vapour permeable membrane and self-adhesive water and air barrier in one innovative self-adhering product. The product does not require specialist contractors to achieve a vigorous result and minimises the use of additional tapes and sealants due to

Project Showcase – Seek Headquarters

Posted by Clelia Frangos on  27 September 2021
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Nvelope NV1 was the framing of choice supporting the Corium brick slip façade by PGH Bricks & Pavers . The adjustability of the system made easy work of a complexities of this façade. This wall is hiding some additional smarts too. All exposed concrete, including spandrels are thermally insulated from the outside with our DCT Terra Vento external grade insulation, to keep the building structure at a consistent internal temperature, also moving the dew point to the
The material you need for Pet Resorts and KennelsGlasbord. A durable, flexible and moisture resistant building material that will not mould, mildew, rot or corrode.Glasbord fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall and ceiling liner panel system is a durable, flexible building material that will never mould, mildew, rot or corrode, whilst ensuring that the animal will no longer be able to chew on the walls/corners of their kennel. Glasbord FRP wall and ceiling liner panel exhibits excellent

Project Showcase – Singleton Hospital

Posted by Clelia Frangos on  23 August 2021
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Check out these photos from the team at Collaborative Construction using the DCT Tenmat FF102/50 as a fire barrier between cavity walls for the Singleton Hospital project. Project: Singleton Hospital Location: Singleton NSW Head contractor: Collaborative Construction Installer: Collaborative Construction DCT Products Used: DCT Tenmat FF102/50
Working safely at heights: SOLVEDThe industry-leading horizontal lifeline system from SFS allows users to safely work at height without restrictions to their movementThe SOTER® II high load fall arrest post is an Australian/New Zealand compliant (AS/NZS1891.2:2001) product that’s design revolves around the unique technological advances found in Fall Protection enabling the user(s) to stay roof safe. The centre of each module contains an energy-absorbing element that deploys perpendicular to the base in order to minimise