Working safely at heights: SOLVEDThe industry-leading horizontal lifeline system from SFS allows users to safely work at height without restrictions to their movementThe SOTER® II high load fall arrest post is an Australian/New Zealand compliant (AS/NZS1891.2:2001) product that’s design revolves around the unique technological advances found in Fall Protection enabling the user(s) to stay roof safe. The centre of each module contains an energy-absorbing element that deploys perpendicular to the base in order to minimise
Air tightness without compromising vapour permeanceIndependent testing body confirms exceptional ProctorPassive Wraptite airtightness performance.ProctorPassive Wraptite has been supplied in Australia since 2012 and is still the only AS4200.1:2017 tested self adhered class 4 vapour permeable pliable membrane on the market. ProctorPassive Wraptite, has successfully undergone independent testing to confirm its performance compliance with the requirements of the current standards on airtightness as outlined by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT). Testing was carried
The Bridge BuilderThere is no bridge too far for this week’s wall DCT-W21-1.  When it comes to NCC 2019 Section J requirements for an insulated steel or timber frame, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come it,“  no longer applies. When building a type A or type B non-combustible wall construction, your thermal break also needs to be non-combustible so look no further to bridge that performance gap than the DCT VulcanWool Thermal Break Strip “Take

Tech Note 05 – Galvanic Corrosion

Posted by Clelia Frangos on  13 July 2021
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Galvanic CorrosionGalvanic Corrosion is a process of when two different metals of equal surface area are combined in the presence of an electrolyte (a fluid that conducts electricity). Hydrogen is absorbed at the cathode and a current flows, thus the less noble metal migrates into the solution (the ‘anode’ is attacked). This exemplifies the basic mechanism for simple batteries. The size of the cathode relative to the anode controls the power generated and the corrosion
Non-Combustible External Walls – Solutions for new buildings and rectificationThere is an increasing awareness that walls built prior to NCC 2019 are exhibiting moisture problems related to condensation. Furthermore, the thermal performance of many buildings is not meeting consumer expectations or the modelling used to design them. This is unsurprising, as earlier versions of the NCC have not fully accounted for thermal bridging or addressed condensation risk, other than in non-mandatory guidance. As problem walls
The ExtrovertThis week’s wall DCT-W07-4 is certainly not afraid to put it all out there, wearing the DCT non-combustible Vulcanwool insulation on the outside exposing itself to a vented rainscreen cavity. The class 4 vapour permeable, self adhered weather resistant barrier, ProctorPassive Wraptite SA adds more than just bright splash of colour keeping things all good and tight. DCT-W07-4 EXTERNALLY INSULATED MASONRY WALL (VULCANWOOL)                 Masonry wall made water and airtight