The strong silent typeThis week’s roof DCT-R08-1 is as robust and reliable as they come. With an 18dB impact noise reduction, the ProctorGeo HC9 spacer mat doesn’t need to make a big song and dance about rain noise. The DCT PIR Silver rigid air and thermal control layer, as thick as you can afford, does its work from below, while the self-adhered vapour permeable ProctorPassive Wraptite SA is going nowhere and keeps the substrate nice
  Introduction One of the most common enquiries we get asked is how to effectively insulate a single skin masonry wall or how to rectify one that has moisture or sinister odours emerging from behind the plasterboard lining. Since NCC 2016 Amendment 1 clarified the requirement for all elements of type A and type B wall construction to be non-combustible, including the insulation, we are seeing more drawings of what we have dubbed the “WALL
Introduction When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Since the NCC 2016 Amendment 1 clarified the requirement for all elements of type A and type B wall construction, including the insulation, to be non-combustible, DCTech have been receiving many enquiries about our market leading vacuum insulated panels (VIP). Foil faced rigid foam board thermoset insulation such as PIR and phenolic insulation are deemed combustible and thus do not meet the non-combustibility
DCT Vulcanwool can safely be handled without a face mask or gloves, although they are recommended by DCTECH for persons with sensitivities to irritating particles. A EUCEB Certificate is a document which guarantees that the mineral wool products are manufactured with a safe substance according to European Union regulations and that required controls are made. The certification process requires manufacturers to routinely analyse the chemical composition of their mineral wool each year. Furthermore, the product
Another great example of how its done. The crew from Casello excelled on this one. Our Nvelope NV1 system was used to face fix the Rieder öko skin, glass reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding panels to the cast concrete building substrate. Our engineered VB “helping hand” brackets sped up installation time and their adjustability managed the construction tolerances typically experienced on site. About the project The second of three commercial towers that will form Melbourne Quarter,
  Article written by Norman Foster The pandemic could accelerate significant change, the Foster & Partners founder told more than 40 city leaders at yesterday’s first UN Forum of Mayors First, I would like to congratulate the UN on recognising, through this gathering, the importance of cities, their mayors and civic leaders. Cities are the future of our society – of our civilisation. The words are interchangeable – civic, civilised, cities, citizens. We all know