Composite Panels

Product GuideApplications
Styrofoam RTM-XStyrofoam™ RTM-X extruded polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation distributed by DCTech, is recommended as a core material in sandwich panels for the walls, floors, roofs and doors in refrigerated trucks and containers.
DCT XPS BLOCKFor technically demanding applications, DCT XPS Block rigid extruded polystyrene board provides long term thermal performance, helping to ensure energy efficiency in a vast range of commercial and residential applications.
Fibreglass Skins VetroresinaEngineered for optimum dimensional stability, DCT FRP Gelcoat panels are reinforced with Mat cut into glass fibre of different weights, to which additional mats may be added (Woven Roving) of different weights to further enhance the mechanical properties of the panel. The combination of different weights of reinforcements allows for a wide range of DCT FRP Gelcoat panels to be obtained.

High performance, professional strength advanced polymer adhesive specifically formulated to be used for most types of panelling installations.


is a solvent-free two-component adhesive, based on polyurethane.

FulaSeal 740

specially designed for use in sealing applications involving non-porous surfaces commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

GatorplateKemlite Gatorplate is specifically designed and formulated to protect the lower portion of interior sidewall panels. Gatorplate is used as a scuffplate in high abuse areas of dry van and refrigerated trailers, truck bodies, containers and railcars to minimise dents and tears caused by forklifts and pallets.
PultrusionsPultrusion is a process that enables continuous production of composite profiles with constant cross sections and material properties tailored to specific purposes. The method ensures consistent quality that can be reproduced.