DCT Vento R  is an ideal insulation for Ventilated Facades.

Good tensile strength, outer coating sheds water and is classified as a non combustible product.

Ventient Natural Ventilation… let your building breathe

Using state-of-the-art passive temperature perception technology, Proctor Ventient is an environmentally friendly technology that does not require the use of electric power or sensors. In utilizing the physical characteristics of a unique Shape Memory Alloy (SMA), Proctor Ventient can adjust the volume of ventilation levels depending on ambient temperatures.

Ventient Passive Ventilation

Proctor Ventient Trickle Vents can be used as part of a natural or mixed mode ventilation approach to make use of outdoor/indoor pressure differentials to bring in natural, clean, fresh air.

Acoustic Insulation. Tecsound: Synthetic soundproofing membrane. Texsa (English)

Airborne, impact and rain noise insulation. Damping: Tecsound®

An introduction to NVELOPE Rainscreen Systems Ltd

NVELOPE brackets, rails and carriers have achieved full British board of agrement (BBA) certification and are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality management system.

DCTech – New name – New look – Same company

Dynamic Composite Technologies, or DCTech as we are now know, is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated with over twenty years experience in supplying a range of technically advanced thermal insulation materials to the Australian construction industry.

DCTech Soffit installation using rigid PIR

Dow Thermax Light Duty as used insulating a car park soffit.

DCTech’s suggested installation of rigid PIR in a metal roof refurbishment

Watch how quick and easy Dow Thermax Light Duty PIR rigid thermal insulation boards are to install in a metal roof.

The Burning Truth

DCTech is leading the Australian insulation industry as the first distributor of a polyisocyanurate ISO 9705 certified exposed lining insulation board as recognised by NCC/BCA Section C1.10.

The Burning Truth video demonstrates the difference between ISO 9705 Certified PIR foam and non ISO 9705 Certified foams.

DCTech’s suggested installation of rigid PIR insulation in a double brick cavity wall

This video demonstrates Dow Tuff-R PIR Thermal Insulation being used in a brick cavity wall.

DCTech supplied Glasbord installation process

Watch this video to see just how easy Glasbord fibreglass reinforced plastic wall panels are to install.