DCTech are committed to providing building professionals with the resources and knowledge to succeed. As part of that commitment, DCTech offer a comprehensive programme of CPD’s, seminars, webinars and in-house presentations that provide a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of Australian building standards and practices, along with showcasing the latest innovations and developments in building materials.

The course titles, dates and locations are detailed below.

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Condensation Conundrums

CPD Point

Presenter: Andy Russell 

Building envelope design is no longer just about keeping out the rain and wind. We are now faced with the challenge of balancing the need to keep out or keep in, and let in or let out cool and warm air, daylight, fresh air, contaminated air, sound, fire and moisture as appropriate for all seasons and all times of the day.

The drive for energy efficient buildings with improved air tightness and insulation has changed the dynamics of the building envelope as insulation, whilst keeping some surfaces warm, also keeps other surfaces cold. Sealing up the building can also prevent the safe passage of water vapour, resulting in potentially damaging condensation on these cold surfaces.

Long perceived to be immune from such problems, Australia has seen an increase in the occurrence and severity of condensation problems across disparate climate zones as standard designs start to fail. The ABCB in recognition of this, published a Condensation Handbook to inform the industry about these risks and to promote best practice.

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The principles behind facade design

Informal CPD

Presenter:  Alex George  

The principles behind the total DCT/Nvelope solution facade design, specification, procurement and ultimately the installation of the facade and support structures, needs to take into account both the Specifiers and the installer’s needs when accommodating not only the NCC’s requirements for Thermal, Fire, Condensation and Air tightness, but making sure the façade material has simple and coherent support structure.

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The need for insulated structures

 Informal CPD

Presenter: Stuart Haynes

Secure big box retail construction with section J compliance built in.

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Energy Efficiency (Insulation and Sarking)

Presenter:  Stuart Armstrong

DCT are suppliers and distributors of rigid board insulation (DOW Tuff-R, Thermax and DOW Styrofoam) and breathable sarking membranes (Proctorwrap from roof and wall applications). As part of our service we also provide CPD presentations to architects and builders looking to learn how to design and comply with the Energy Efficiency regulations in the BCA.

Formal points can be claimed by the individual if they deem it to be of educational merit.

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PIR within the building envelope  

Informal CPD

Presenter: Tony Hopkins

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) is one of the safest and highest performing insulation materials on the market today. The benefits of these high performing products within the building envelope extend beyond the minimum requirements within the NCC. As there are many types of rigid insulation products on the market, it is important to understand how these products actually perform long term. DCTech have extensive experience in assisting designers and industry with  appropriate specification and design within the building envelope.

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