Proctor Group Australia offers a comprehensive range of geotextiles available to complement the range of insulation products and to allow for best practice system installation.  The full range includes geotextiles that have one of more functions such as vapour permeance or resistance, gas barriers, filtration, water storage, protection, drainage, irrigation and root aeration.


  1. ProctorGeo D-Rain DC8 (D-Rain DC8) is a dimpled HDPE sheet that provides an effective material for use as a foundation liner, subbase course or seepage layer in double masonry walls. When used below screed the D-Rain DC8 provides protection from rising damp.
  2. The D-Rain DC8+ structure effectively captures and transports high volumes of water and resists the loads from earth and formwork.
  3. ProctorGeo IRMA is designed for use as a separating layer in ballasted or paved Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) flat roofs.
  4. ProctorGeo Vap120 is a light duty vapour retarder and convection barrier.
  5. D-Rain DC20-R has been developed especially for flat/low pitched landscaped and extensive green roofs, to offer both rainwater storage and drainage.
  6. ProctorGeo D-Rain HC8-2G drainage & aeration spacer mat is made from a high void ratio three dimensional shaped mesh of UV stabilized polypropylene monofilaments, tangled and fused together and bonded on each side with a 100gsm filter geotextile.
  7. ProctorGeo EcoRain® is an innovative technology for subsurface irrigation that can be used for a number of areas that need to be greened.
  8. Moisture can potentially build up under metal roof sheeting and cause structural damage and corrosion of the roof sheet.