Speckel is an online platform that aims to enable architects, engineers, planners, contractors and building surveyors to design and build better building envelopes. By hosting real specifications from a host of suppliers, Speckel provides useful and intuitive applications to meet National Construction Code requirements and beyond!

Speckel and Dynamic Composite Technologies have been collaborating since 2020 to created a unique web based deployment to calculate the the thermal performance of building elements thus empowering all involved in the design process to calculate and design reliable and accurate high performance outcomes.
Speckel have created a robust tool to model wall systems that utilise the DCT Nvelope,  non-combustible helping hand façade support system. Simple calculation methodologies have difficulty coping with the complexities of non-continuous thermal bridging, so suitable alternative in accordance with  ISO 6946 has been used to enable calculations where DCT Nvelope systems, combined with exterior thermal insulation layers to provide super high-performance outcomes.
ISO 6946 provides an alternative and superior method of calculation of the thermal resistance and thermal transmittance of building components and a method that can be used for elements containing inhomogeneous layers, including the effect of brackets and rails. As the most common calculation methodologies globally for this application, the team at Speckel have created a unique solution that enables rapid outcomes for the National Construction Code.