About Andy Russell

Andy has worked with building envelope specialists Proctor Group in the UK and in Japan, including a spell on secondment to a major prefabricated house manufacturer. In his suitcase on arrival in Australia in 2007 he carried some of the first vapour permeable ProctorWrap membranes seen here. He was a contributor to the first edition of the “Condensation Handbook” published by the ABCB in 2011 and has presented across Australia on this subject to BDAA members, and the AIA Refuel National Seminar Series. Andy is motivated, however possible, building by building, to improve the health and comfort of our built environment and positively impact the mental and physical health of current and future generations of their occupants.

System of the week: The Extrovert

The Extrovert This week’s wall DCT-W07-4 is certainly not afraid to put it all out there, wearing the DCT non-combustible Vulcanwool insulation on the outside exposing itself to a [...]

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System of the week: The strong silent type

The strong silent type This week’s roof DCT-R08-1 is as robust and reliable as they come. With an 18dB impact noise reduction, the ProctorGeo HC9 spacer mat doesn’t [...]

Tech Note 04 – The Wall of Death

  Introduction One of the most common enquiries we get asked is how to effectively insulate a single skin masonry wall or how to rectify one that has moisture or [...]

Tech Note 03 – Combustibility of DCTech Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP)

Introduction When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Since the NCC 2016 Amendment 1 clarified the requirement for all elements of type A and type [...]

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Almost 50 years since the first moon landing, we continue to add, each and every day, to a legacy of buildings that risk the health of their occupants, but condensation does not make headline news. Discussions about condensation often focus on insulation, sarking and ventilation, but the new requirements of Parts F6 and 3.8.7 of [...]

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