Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Nvelope Rainscreen Cladding simplifies the complexity of modern building facades using a unique ‘helping hand’ bracketing system which is fixed to the substrate at set vertical and horizontal separations. Suitable for the most demanding facade materials, our range of Nvelope brackets, rails and rainscreen support systems are safe, economic and effective.



  1. NV1
    NV1 is suitable for face fixing / rivet fixing cladding elements e.g. fibre cement, high-pressure laminate (HPL), ACM, metal and solid aluminiumcladding panels. NV1 is the basis of all NVELOPE support systems
  2. NV2
    NV2 is suitable for concealed fix cladding applications – structural bond (Sika sikatack panel system). All fixed-point brackets absorb vertical dead loads.
  3. NV3
    NV3 is the NVELOPE system for concealed fix/mechanically fixed applications of any cladding type including, fibre cement, high-pressure laminate (HPL), ceramic, thin stone etc. Horizontal NVELOPE channel profiles are fixed to the vertical profiles. Rainscreen panels are hung from and secured with hangers.
  4. NV9
    Suitablefor face fixing / rivet fixing cladding elements&rainscreens that require a shallow cladding zone (from 25mm).Ideal for high corrosive climate zones C4& C5. This simplistic system does not allow for level and adjustment between the substrate and the front of the façade
  5. NVF2F
    Suitable as a back frame system – NVF2F is suitable for face fixing / rivet fixing cladding
  6. NH3
    NH3 is the NVELOPE® horizontal rail system suited for face fixed narrow vertical panels. Suitable for most cladding materials including, fibre cement, high-pressure laminate (HPL), ACM and solid aluminiumcladding panels.
  7. SFS Roofing & Cladding Fasteners
    A pioneer in power tool fasteners offering a wide spectrum of products, backed up by comprehensive application expertise. SFS virtually revolutionised the lightweight steel construction sector in the 70s with the introduction of self drilling screws. Matched carefully to the specific material and finish of the building, and to the support structure, SFS offers a wide range of system solutions surrounding screw-in fasteners and rivet technology.
    Use our project builder to specify a project specific exterior cladding solution. The requirements for each façade and cladding system are always different
  9. SOTER® II
    The SOTER II high load fall arrest post is an Australian/New Zealand compliant (AS/NZS1891.2:2001) product that’s design revolves around the unique technological advances found in Fall Protection enabling the user(s) to stay roof safe.